Technology Resources

Technology Resources

We have multiple technology capabilities tailored to the dynamic requirements of your methodology – from focus groups to usability labs

  • On-site technology and A/V support
  • Advanced technology for multiple applications
  • Technology Partners with specialized products
  • Experienced on-site IT and A/V specialist proficient with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. For technology questions, email Corey direct at
  • Blazing Fast Internet Facility-wide
    • 100mb dedicated fiber optic service (no lag, no dropped service)
    • Easily handle 50+ simultaneous connections, high definition streaming or video presentations
    • State-of-the-art WIFI hotspots in each suite
  • Presentation Technology
    • Ceiling mounted high definition/3d projector and huge projection walls
    • Multiple 42″ to 55″  HDTV’s, 4k and 1080p resolutions supported
      • present testimony, advertising, etc.
      • picture-in-picture for website, user interface, app and user experiences, i.e., Usability Labs
      • document camera
  • Audio/Video
    • Full digital 24-bit recordings with no lag time for sending you your AV
    • Broadcast quality high definition cameras (1080P) and capture
    • Integrated studio-grade speakers
    • Closed circuit TV in lounges
    • A/V files converted to your preferred format
    • No wait for AV files – USB drive, DVD, uploaded, emailed, etc
  • Video Conferencing – Houston’s leading provider since 1995
    • High definition Polycom unit available 24/7
    • Multiple-site bridging worldwide
    • Integrated presentations
  • Video Streaming
    • See Technology Partner – FocusVision Worldwide
  • Interactive Dial Technology
    • See Technology Partner – Interactive Video Products
  • Online Focus Groups
    • See Technology Partner – 20/20 Research
  • Miscellaneous Technology and Equipment
    • High output, high-quality Konica color copiers, printer, scanner
    • Laptop/desktop PC and printer
    • Translation equipment configured for real-time translation and capture of native language and English
    • Adapters, media conversion, secondary cameras, extra microphones, mixing board, headphones, amplifiers, cables/long run of cable(s), extra power outlets, and wired cat5/6 network connections

If we don’t have the technology you need, we know where to rent it at preferred rates.

Technology Partners

FocusVision Worldwide
Offers sophisticated video streaming products to enhance qualitative research immersion

  • FV Classic Live (standard)
  • FV360 Live – technician, operated 360-degree camera mounted in the center of the focus group table. Pans around to capture AV from whoever is talking
  • FV Video Insights adds group chat and other capture capabilities, snapshots, loops, notes, etc.

Book through FocusVision – Visit

Interactive Video Productions (IVP)

Specializes in cutting-edge mobile research labs. Precisely measures web or product usability or goes beyond conscious self-report to include emotional measures…

  • Usability Labs
  • Eye Tracking
  • EEG
  • Facial Coding
  • Biometrics
  • Interactive Dial Technology

Book through Opinions Unlimited – Visit for more product information

20/20 Research

Creator of Qualboard, superior online focus group technology, and national recruiting

Book through Opinions Unlimited – View www.20/ for more information about QualBoard