Technology Offerings

Our Forte – Technology that Makes a Difference

Dynamic, innovative, flawless technology is essential to enhance research and insight performance.

  • Onsite technical savvy and support. Corey has 25+ years’ experience with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux and takes pride in consistently exceeding our clients’ technology requirements
  • Blazing fast internet, 100 mb dedicated fiber optic service and state-of-the-art WIFI hotspots easily handle 50+ simultaneous connections, high definition streaming or video presentations
  • Full digital 24 bit recordings. High Definition cameras (1080P)
  • No wait for your AV files – USB drive, uploaded, email, DVD, etc. converted to your preferred format
  • Integrated high definition/3d projector and huge “projector walls” and 42″ or larger HDTV’s for maximum impact. Integrated studio grade speakers
  • Usability labs with picture in picture for website, user interface, app and user experiences
  • Extra power outlets and wired cat5/6 network connections. Need a laptop/desktop PC, cabling, an adapter, media converter, secondary camera, extra microphones, mixing board, document camera, headphones, amplifiers, long run of cable(s), we have it all covered
  • Real time translation set up and bilingual translation
  • FocusVision Partner – high quality FV streaming and FV360

Opinions Unlimited has consistently been a leader when it comes to emerging and exisiting technologies. Let us take care of your technical details while you concentrate on the research..

Our latest technology offerings:

  • Dedicated 100mb fiber optic internet connection, WIFI and wired connections available for maximum available bandwidth
  • Apple-Savvy (QuickTime/Mac formats, Ipad/IOS devices) Network upgraded with improved WIFI for Apples/iOS devices.
  • Dowloadable Audio/Video Files in MP3, MP4, WMV/WMA, AVI, formats. Conversion available to any file type desired. A/V files can be sent directly to your email address, or via FTP service, large file sizes are no problem.
  • Watch your groups on HDTV’s in all lounges/viewing areas, real time closed circruit television.
  • Dedicated on site technician with 20+ years experience available for your technical needs/setup.

Technology has always been second nature to Opinions Unlimited, we have been a leader in the industry in pioneering new technologies for over 30 years.

We can easily facilitate all your needs with our fully digital 24 bit AV recording system to DVD recording, to setting up usablility labs or any manner of audio visual equipment you may need for your group. We feature state of the art digital A/V recording systems, computer systems, digital phone and our 100mb dedicated fiber optic connection was installed in 2013, so the latest technologies are our specialty!

Technical Capabilities

Opinions Unlimited technical installations allow for all electronics to be easily controlled via remote control or physical controls setup behind the scenes. We ensure that all controls are extremely user friendly and will allow for easy switching to and from any medium. Controls are also available for lighting, volume levels, and all standard television/DVD/Blu-ray players, we even have 8 port remote controlled KVM (Keyboard/Video /Mouse) switches available.

  • Opinions Unlimited now features broadcast quality video from our state of the art high definition Sony camera. We can capture every nuance of your discussion even in low light conditions with stunning high definition video. 1080P and 720 P resolutions (interlacing available) at 60 frames per second, 30 FPS, or cinematic 24 FPS.
  • 42″ 1080P HDTV’s, with HDMI, VGA, Composite, and standard resolution AV connections (S-Video,Co-Axial,RCA)
  • We have playback capabilities including Blu-ray, DVD-R, DVD, and any standardized video formats
  • Custom audio installations with different characteristics, up to 24 bit quality
  • Highest quality PZM microphones, fully stereo with positional audio recording in all suites. Microphones are fully concealed ceiling mounted.
  • Computer, document camera, AV integration for all manner of presentations
  • Enhanced or amplified sound through dispersed speakers, also dedicated studio quality monitor speakers
  • Windows and Apple savvy, we have almost every conceivable cabling to connect your PC to our AV equipment
  • Dedicated 100 mb fiber optic connection, and open wifi. No hassles, no firewalls, and as much bandwidth as you need and extremely low latency for instaneous service.
  • Video and audio conversion to any format desired
  • On staff AV technician with 20+ years professional experience
  • Top quality video streaming for your clients off site (both in house and 3rd party streaming are supported)

An efficient way to transmit your focus groups or in-depth interviews in real time over the Internet to a scattered audience (home, office, hotel room, etc.) Book ActiveGroup and OpinionStream through Opinions Unlimited. Our in-house system, offers exceptional value and high-quality streaming, with active chat available for all participants/viewers, and quick FTP file access/turn around.

FocusVision™ Tel: (800) 433-8128

OpinionStream Tel: (713) 888-0202

Opinions Unlimited has the experience, technology, and dedicated on site staff to provide you with a productive and successful usability study.

Following could be more info page that is linked to Websites can be viewed via a dedicated high speed connection or even wirelessly (wifi). If your project or website is still in it’s planning stages, we can always stream directly from a hard drive, DVD, or CD, or any media of your choice and we have more than enough bandwidth available to handle even the heaviest of data streaming assignments. Project setup and their associated technological requirements are frequently determined by our clients, however you can always consult with one of our Project Managers or Technology Experts and they will be happy to provide you with any guidance or suggestions on the best approach to ensure a successful research project. We aim to please, we will go the extra mile to ensure that you have the right technology, staff, and experience, so if you have any special requests or needs please just contact one of our Project Managers.
Actual usability lab setups are variable and can be as open ended as the projects themselves. The flexibility of our different usability lab configurations shows our commitment to exceed expectations, and our dedication to providing usability labs that meet and exceed our client’s needs and specifications.


We offer bulletin board and focus chat platforms and logistical support for qualitative research. iTracks allows you to accommodate homework via the Internet and distribute questions for quantitative data collection within your qualitative session. LINK for details about using this methodology.

Let us help you use this medium…we have experience…

  • Hosting
  • Recruiting
  • Develop and time the question guide
  • Assistance 24/7
  • Moderating or moderating training
  • Assessing how to present the voluminous back-end “output”

A high-quality delivery option of two-way conversations, or bridged connections or for transmitting your sessions to pre-determined locations. The “standard” for legal depositions. We have a dedicated 30 megabit fiber optic connection for crystal clear video and audio.

Additional connecions for PC presentations (Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Adobe) are available.

Largest public rooms in Houston, we can seat up to 75 people for a video conference

Multiple cameras, microphones, and lighting are available.

Mutiple site bridging is available, why not communicate with all your offices simultaneously?

Projectors, document cameras (elmo’s), DVD players/Blu ray player, connections are available.

High definition unit available, with flat screen HDTV and the necessary bandwidth to facilittate HD transmissions.

Unparalled speed connections up to 960K are available.

Industry standard Polycom units, using the standardized H.323 format, connectivity to all manner of equipment is assured.

On site techincian with over 20 years of professional experience to ensure a seamless conference.

Videoconference Center of Texas – in-house. Facilities and services for business and legal use worldwide — 24/7/365.

During your session, easily earmark your CD when you hear a comment you want to capture for later reference. There is a short learning curve and download of software to work with the clips. Saves time every step of the way – from sifting through the details to adding visuals to your report.

FocusVision™ VideoMarker Tel: (800) 433-8128

Provides you with a real time continuous read on your incoming responses while it is still being collected by respondents. This can be utilized to research both live media (television, video, presentations) as well as allowing you to get an instant read on the more traditional closed end quantitative questions. Many of our clients have found it very valuable to combine this technology with a qualitative setting.

Opinions Unlimited features interactive dial technology for your focus groups or large group studies. This wired or wireless, hand held dial based electronic group measurement system is versatile enough to be configured in any of our facilities and this can also be utilized off site, or on a travelling basis. Full viewing capabilities, real time streaming, and fully digital recordings of the dial sessions are available.

Opinions Unlimited is proud to utilize the Perception Analyzer™ as one of their electronic measurement tools. The Perception Analyzer™ is recommended by its developer to be used in the following ways:

  • To enhance focus groups by allowing for nonverbal response, thereby eliminating negative group dynamics.
  • For faster data processing turn around – creating stat tested tables in ten minutes without transcription errors or coding delays.
  • To eliminate reliance on retrospective measures as well as to provide second-by-second analysis of respondents’ reactions to test materials.

We are set up for simultaneous translation, with individual headphones for listening to the language of choice. We can record both native, and translated audio/video, simultaneously. Once your group completes both tranlated DVD’s and the native language DVD’s and will be ready before you leave the facility.

* Book All Services Directly With Opinions Unlimited, except FocusVision.