Service & Support


Qualitative studies unfold before the Clients’ eyes, so failure is not an option. That’s why many Clients conducting qualitative research in Texas partner Opinions Unlimited. Clients frequently compliment our awesome staff and service:

  • “You know what we need before we do!”
  • “Lifesaver!”
  • “You make our job easier!”
  • “We know what to expect!”
  • “Flawlessly executed!”
  • “A real pleasure to work with!”
  • “You are the reason we come to Houston!”
  • “Jerry is your ‘secret weapon’!”

We have experience overcoming a variety of challenges and the satisfaction of accomplishing the goals – in both qualitative and quantitative studies. With over twenty years’ experience at Opinions Unlimited, these key managers have served in every department:

  • Kim Spain, Director of Project Management and Recruitment
  • Jerry Weeks, Director of Facility Services
  • Corey Mueller, Technology Specialist (A/V, IT, programming)

And our Recruiters and Qualitative Assistants average more than twelve years’ service with Opinions Unlimited.

What to Expect

Across our organization, we pay attention to the details, responsive and accessible. To prevent anything from slipping through the cracks on the more challenging studies, we encourage Clients to coordinate directly with the people in each department responsible for carrying out instructions.

  • Corey Mueller, our Technology Specialist, to ensure we have the proper equipment and set up for complex or unusual technology requirements.

A senior Project Manager serves as the primary point of contact for your study from initiation through recruitment and wrap-up. Project Managers directly supervise the Recruiters assigned to your study (see RECRUITMENT). It is the Project Manager’s job to:

  • Respond within an hour
  • When issues arise, bring suggestions and options
  • Provide daily project updates
  • Submit updated respondent profiles by 10 am daily
  • Confirm substantial changes in writing
  • Invoice your study promptly

Prior to the day of the research, a Facility Services team member communicates directly with you or your designated contact to review procedures, special instructions, technology requirements and set up instructions. They take care of:

  • Receiving and checking products and exhibits
  • Shopping for the study or special requests
  • Placing food orders for Clients and respondents
  • Setting up the rooms to accommodate respondents and Clients
  • Preparing and printing forms such as respondent profiles, re-screeners, etc.
  • Conducting the final confirmation calls to respondents
  • Corey Mueller, Technology Specialist, will set up and test technology requested.

On the day of the research, your Facility Services team and Corey Mueller will ensure that everything runs smoothly. You can count on them to:

  • Arrive early to make sure all is ready
  • Handle food service for Clients and respondents
  • Take care of last-minute requests or errands
  • Greet and check in Moderator and Clients, and escort them to your suite
  • Welcome, check in and when requested, rescreen your respondents
  • Provide pre-session instructions to respondents
  • Attend to A/V recordings and transfer of A/V
  • Pay incentives to respondents

Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure Agreements, GDPR

All of our employees have been briefed and signed a Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement. All contract vendors, such as A/V camera operators, also sign an NDA. Specific Client agreements are reviewed with employees working on that study.

On all studies, we share only the respondent’s first name and last initial and no contact information with the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to inform Opinions Unlimited if additional measures are required to conform to GDPR rules.


Our building has 24/7 security. Suites, individual suites, A/V, and server equipment rooms have building code approved locks installed for added security.