We welcome the opportunity to recruit qualified, articulate respondents for your study, no matter how challenging

  • Quotes within an hour
  • Attention to detail
  • Quick turnaround
  • Robust database

We’ve put over twenty years into building the Opinions Unlimited Panel… 70,000 in Harris and surrounding counties, one Texan at a time.

From our whimsical business-sized handout cards to our Rorschach-inspired art and architect-designed tables in the Bistro Gallery, we set the stage for participants to relax and imagine… this is going to be interesting and fun!

My client was thrilled with the respondents. Thanks so much for a terrific show rate with such good people. Please send our thanks to your recruiters. I know how hard they worked on this.
Rebecca Day, President
Kinzey & Day

The recruiting was EXCELLENT. This was not necessarily the easiest group to recruit for, and we were extremely impressed by the project updates throughout, as well as the ultimate turnout and diversity of the groups!
Matt Braun / VP Client Services
Loyalty Research

Recruiters report directly to the Project Manager assigned to your study, bypassing the typical recruiting room supervisor. No go-between. The advantage? There is no misunderstanding of the study’s targeted respondents, changes do not fall through the cracks, and Recruiters are motivated to go that extra mile.

We are successful because we invest in hiring and training good people who can grow into gifted Recruiters who like a challenge and are driven by success. Each Recruiter has a minimum of twelve years’ recruiting experience with Opinions Unlimited.

Our Recruiters grasp the “art” and science of qualitative recruiting, deftly assessing a respondent’s truthfulness, level of engagement in the topic and commitment to attend. High participation rates are our norm – an average of 90% attendance for 95% of the studies recruited.

We take full advantage of email to prescreen, validate answers, and confirm intent to participate. However, these measures are in addition to screening, invitation, validation, and confirmation by our Recruiters.

  • Early adopter of MDSS Research Tracker focus group management software which allows us to:
    • Correlate lifestyle data in addition to pulling sample by demographics
    • Track and manage participation, including blocking professional respondents
    • Integrate letters and profiles, etc.
  • Voxco CATI software which enables us to manage large samples on complex studies
  • Specific ethnicities, races, native language speakers
  • Low incidence
  • Affluent
  • Patients and physicians (Our staff is HIPAA certified)
  • Medicaid and Medicare recipients
  • Consumers including couples, children, teens seniors
  • High tech professionals, engineers
  • Decision Makers, business owners, C-Suite
  • Tradesmen
  • The Opinions Unlimited Panel, our proprietary Houston area database of 70,000+ consumers and 5,000+physicians
  • Referrals from our database panelists
  • Social media
  • Electronic media
  • Community associations
  • Customer lists
  • Convention registrants
  • Purchased lists

Can be accommodated at our Houston Facility

  • Traditional Qualitative: Focus Groups, IDI’s, Dyads/Triads, Mini Groups
  • Pre-Trial Mock Jury and Legal Research
  • Usability Labs
  • CLT – Central Location Testing
    • Music Tests, Taste Tests, etc.
    • Display and evaluate large consumer or industrial items or exhibits in same room as discussion
    • Add quant with Interactive Dial technology

Examples of studies recruited to off-site locations

  • In-Context Interviews
    • Ethnographic Research (in-home, work environment)
    • Shop-alongs
  • Clinics requiring large venues (vehicle, industrial equipment)
  • On-Line Bulletin Boards (20/20 Research Partner)
  • Focus Group Facilities
  • Participant’s home, workplace, etc.
  • Hotel, theatre, convention hall
  • Client office, retail store, warehouse, etc.
  • Outdoors – parks, parking garage
  • Fully-furnished homes like Airbnb
  • Pub, pool hall, restaurant, and other public places
  • Church, club and other community spaces