Recurring Project Management

"Effective recruiting is more art than science. A recruiter with an understanding of the study objectives and target audience is the best defense against a poorly written or ineffective screener." Anndel Martin, President

We are known for tackling the “tough” recruits. We are successful because of the depth of experience of our research and management staff. CATI and online technology, along with call center knowledge of sample management, enhances our efficiency on lists, complex studies, multi-city or large recruits.

All potential respondents are screened by a trained recruiter, even if the initial communication includes an online survey. All respondents are validated, sent a letter of confirmation/instructions, and confirmed 24 hours prior to the study.

We manage the Opinions Unlimited Research Panel – our proprietary consumer and medical professional databases, using MDSS Research Tracker. We maintain multiple variables for each person and family for correlating data to target potential participants. We flag undesirable participants to control participation.

Special Audiences

We’ve established extensive “Texas” networks to successfully recruit hard-to-reach, affluent, decision-makers, and other low incidence audiences.

We are not afraid to recruit outside our databases:

  • Our proprietary consumer and medical professional databases (We are HIPPA certified)
  • Random Digit Dial (RDD)
  • Client customer lists
  • Purchased lists “targeting” certain types of individuals
  • Email alerts to our database members or client customers
  • We maintain a large Facebook and Twitter following, social media savy for locating technically inclined respondents

We recruit for all methodologies: facility-based, in-home, online, shop-along, etc.

And we successfully recruit across the U.S.

A few specialty audiences include:

Medical professionals. We have recruited more medical professionals and patients than any other Texas agency. We maintain the largest, most up to date database of physicians and patients.

Children. We have a large database of children. And we are equipped with a wall of floor-to-ceiling one-way mirror for viewing children during play.

Spanish-speaking respondents. We have recruiting and facility staff to execute your studies with Spanish-speaking respondents. With real time translation available, with both DVD recording, and digital audio.

You can be confident that our experienced project team will skillfully manage all logistics to bring your project together successfully. We pride ourselves in routinely providing bids within an hour and timely status reports/profiles daily.

Kim Spain, our Director of Project Management, directly oversees and coordinates all recruiting in our central Recruiting Center located in Houston. This streamlining maximizes communication resulting in better accuracy and efficiency.