What Is Marketing Research

Marketing research provides you the opportunity to refine service, product and communication concepts. When you share your lifestyle, interests, ideas and opinions, you help companies gain a better understanding and insight in how to serve you better. In addition to receiving a financial incentive to participate, you will have a variety of interesting and meaningful experiences!

Usually there is no preparation involved – you do not have to be an expert on the topic. For most studies, you represent a typical consumer or consumer with a special interest. Some studies have “homework” assignments, such as create a collage from magazines or video tape an activity. You are paid extra for completing and bringing homework.

Initial Contact: the “screening” process

  • We contact you to administer a short survey to determine whether or not you fit the criteria required to participate in a specific study. You may be screened several times on different topics before qualifying to participate. Initial contact may be by email to alert you about upcoming topics, and you can forward these emails to others.
  • If you qualify to participate and are available for the date and time of the study, we follow-up with a verification process either by phone or email.
  • If you qualify to participate and agree, it is extremely important that you honor that commitment or notify us immediately so we can find someone to take your place.
  • Occasionally, the sponsor of the research changes a qualifying question which might result in our having to “un-invite” you.
  • Only one family member may participate in a particular research study. Exceptions are research targeting couples or siblings, and taste test studies.
  • Attire is business casual.
  • The Check-In form includes consent, confidentiality, verification statements, such as you understand that you are not an employee of Opinions Unlimited, you have told the truth to the recruiting agent, you will keep privileged information disclosed during the interview confidential, and consent that the researchers may use the audio/video for research purposes.
  • You are required to show a valid photo ID upon check-in. Without proper identification, you may not be admitted into the research and may not receive the gratuity.
  • If your answers, usage behaviors, opinions and/or demographics change between the times of screening (initial screening, verification, check-in and re-verification), you may not be admitted into the research and may not receive the full gratuity.
  • We validate parking, there are no expenses to be incurred at all.
  • Please note that unless otherwise specified, babysitting or allowing another family member into the research cannot be accommodated.

We specialize in “qualitative” research which is often described as exploratory and open ended, and is conducted with small numbers of people. Sometimes people exchange ideas in small groups (a focus group) or just privately with the researcher.

Sometimes the research takes place in a facility specifically designed to maximize the interview experience, at a store or restaurant, or even in the home and on-line.

We just ask that you participate, and be honest and frank.

You are paid after the interview – usually at the check-in/reception desk.

Since Opinions Unlimited does not send emails or call individuals for the purpose of sales or direct marketing (we pay YOU!), the DO NOT CALL LIST and CAN Spam Act of 2003 do not apply to our communications with you. You are being contacted because you have signed up to a member of the Opinions Unlimited Research Panel, your name was given to us by a friend/co-worker to contact, or you are a customer of the sponsor of a particular research study. We clearly identify our company as the calling entity or sender of the email, we provide contact information, and the option to be removed from receiving additional communication or for you to determine the manner in which you want to be contacted.

  • We never ask for money and will not attempt to sell you anything – our contacts will be for the purpose of asking questions to determine if you qualify to participate in a particular research study
  • We respect your right to decline to participate in a research study
  • We only use the information you provide in conjunction with matching you with studies that you might qualify for
  • We will remove your household from our research panel at your request
  • We will call before 9:00 pm or at a time that is convenient for you

For tax purposes, you should claim any payments received from Opinions Unlimited. If you are unemployed, you should report the payment to the Texas Workforce Commission. However, you need to indicate that you are NOT an employee of Opinions Unlimited.