“Welcome! We offer you and your friends the opportunity to have some fun while giving meaningful, in-person input on products and services. And on most studies, how does receiving $100 for two hours of your time sound?

Just Sign Up… and then, we will contact you about participating in research studies that may appeal to your interests when they become available.

Questions? Check out the FAQ’s or email us at alert@opinions-unlimited.com. Thanks!”

Click on Sign Up and fill out a questionnaire telling us about you and your interests. The more information you provide, the more likely we will be able to identify you as someone who might have an interest in a particular topic to be researched. Then we contact you when opportunities arise.

As your family grows and interests change, Update Information.

When you participate in marketing research, you benefit by helping companies improve and develop products and services that consumer use in their daily lives. From food and drinks to cars and banking services, consumer input via marketing research shapes the future. The opinions of Houstonians are sought because they are creative thinkers and offer honest feedback. You can be one of Houston’s agents of change!

We will take you through a two step process to determine how well you fit the criteria specified by our client to be selected to participate in their study about a particular topic.

  • Using the information provided in the Sign Up questionnaire, we select 100+ people who appear likely to fit the general profile for a particular study/topic.
  • 1. General Profile Questions. Emails with general profile questions are sent from alert@opinions-unlimited.com with topic of the study in SUBJECT. If you are available on the dates specified and interested, submit your answers to us within 24 hours. Sometimes, Recruiters will contact panelists by phone instead of email.
  • 2. More Specific Questions. Based on the answers submitted, we select panelists to be asked additional, more specific questions by a Recruiter. Based on those answers, the Recruiter may or may not be able to extend an invitation to participate.
  • If you agree to participate, it is important that you make arrangements to fulfill this commitment.
  • We send you an email to confirm that you are scheduled to participate, the date/time of your study. It includes additional instructions,directions/map to the location.
  • REPLY to the email to indicate 1) you received it, and 2) you will or will not participate.
  • We may call you again the day prior to the study to confirm that you are coming.


  • If you need to cancel, immediately call 713.888.0202. so we can identify someone to take your place. Our studies are small – less than 12 people, so if you do not show up or do not notify us to find a replacement, clients may take their research elsewhere. Everybody loses!

Additional Comments

  • Please do not show up for a study unless you have received an email confirming that you are scheduled to participate.
  • Call 713.888.0202 or email ask@opinions-unlimited.com if were invited but did not receive your email confirming that you are scheduled to participate.
  • Occasionally, we may have to reschedule or cancel someone after we have extended an invitation because of a last-minute client change to the study’s specifications.
  • You may go through this process several times for different studies before we find a study for your participation. Be patient.
  • Dress is business casual. Dress appropriately (no flips flops, shorts, tank tops, baseball caps, clothes with holes, etc.)
  • Bring a picture ID, such as driver’s license or state/school issued ID.
  • Bring your eyeglasses and hearing aids.
  • Bring a sweater/wrap as our discussion rooms can be cool.
  • Babysitting is not provided. Only the designated respondent is allowed into the research discussion room. Your ride may wait for you in the building lobby.

Destination and Parking

  • We will email a map and directions with your confirmation several days prior to the study
  • Important: Your destination is the gray, 4-story Parking Garage at 785 South Post Oak LANE 77056(south of and connected to 1, 5 & 3 Riverway). Take the ticket, and we will give you a “get-out-of-jail-free” card at the end of the study.
  • No parking is available on Riverway Drive and interior of the complex (towing enforced).
  • After-hours building entry is restricted to entrances from the connected parking garage.

Check-In Details

  • The discussion leader usually does not admit anyone after the start time – do not be late!
  • Arrive 30 minutes ahead of your start time to park, check in and complete any paperwork.
  • To participate, please read and sign the Participation Agreement/sign-in form, which indicates that you agree with the following:
    • To the best of my ability, I have truthfully answered the questions asked by representatives of Opinions Unlimited.
    • I have volunteered to participate in this research study and accept the gratuity offered as an expression of appreciation.
    • I give my permission to Opinions Unlimited to share information obtained during the screening and research process with the sponsors of the research.
    • Any ideas which I may express in conjunction with the research are the property of the sponsors of the research and may be used without restriction or compensation.
    • After I complete the study, I agree not to disclose the substance of the research.
    • For purposes related to the research, I agree to be observed and audio and/or video recorded.
    • I waive and release any claim related to the research against Opinions Unlimited and its clients, owners, agents, affiliates, or employees.
    • I am not an employee of Opinions Unlimited.
  • If asked, show your picture ID.
  • Help yourself to drinks and snacks (you may/may not be allowed to take them into the discussion).
  • Visit the lavatory or make any last-minute calls before the discussion begins.
  • Turn your cell phone off when you enter the discussion room.

You may not be allowed into the discussion if: you arrive after the discussion begin;, do not bring a picture ID; dress inappropriately;bring unsupervised children; choose to not sign the Participation Agreement; or, cannot see or hear the exhibits or ads to be evaluated as part of the research study.

  • Discussions are typically in a focus group format led by an experienced moderator and attended by only 6-12 people, providing time for participants to exchange ideas, perspectives, opinions, reactions, etc. The questions are usually open-ended, exploratory, opinion-driven, thought-provoking and fun.
  • Your role is to participate; stay on topic; not dominate the discussion; be respectful of others’ opinions; and be honest and frank. And, it is OK to be creative and use your imagination!
  • You are paid in the reception area after you leave the discussion room.
  • We would appreciate your giving our whimsical business-sized cards to your friends and colleagues and tell them where to sign up to join our panel!
  • No, Opinions Unlimited is not a telemarketing agency. We never ask you for money and will not attempt to sell you anything.
  • No. The DO NOT CALL LIST and CAN Spam Act of 2013 do not apply to our communications with you. Our contact is for the purpose of asking questions to determine if you qualify to participate in a research study for which you will receive a gratuity.
  • No. We do not sell your name. Any client who requests to contact you for additional information must go through Opinions Unlimited. We will contact you to ask your permission for a client to contact you directly.
  • We only use the information you provide to match you to studies might qualify for participation.
  • If you Sign Up or a client gives us your name as a cooperating customer, you are considered to have “opted in”.
  • We clearly identify our company as the calling party or sender of the email, we provide contact information and the option to be removed from receiving further communication.
  • We have several layers of protection on our servers. We have a full time IT specialist to monitor activity on our servers.
  • We do not record sensitive information, such as Social Security or driver’s license numbers, which could compromise your identity.
  • We provide our clients with limited information: your answers to questions, your zip code, first name, and last initial. Our clients have agreed to not attempt to contact you directly as a result of participating in research.

Gratuity received from Opinions Unlimited is NOT income or wages. You are not an employee of Opinions Unlimited. In a successful appeal to TWC, gratuity was likened to payment for jury duty service. You are not obligated to report gratuity.