Houston – the Heart of Texas! 


  • 4th largest city in the U.S.
  • The largest city in Texas
  • The largest city in the south and southwest (Southern Hospitality + Cowboy Grit)
  • Largest geographic area of any U.S. city
  • Most equitable distribution of the nation’s four major racial and ethnic groups (Smithsonian)
  • Over 100 languages spoken in Houston metropolitan area

Who could imagine there are over 20 miles of tunnels under this beautiful city!

Welcome! We thank our lucky stars you're coming to Houston.

2017 List of American’s 50 Best Large Cities
Study published by Resonance Consultancy

Houston – 7th Overall Best Large City (Austin #11, Dallas #15, San Antonio #17)

“For the fourth-largest city in the U.S. (soon to be third-largest once it overtakes Chicago), Houston runs relatively stealth,” the 2017 report states. “On the surface, the city appears to just keep its head down and put in an honest day’s work at the head offices of the world’s energy industry and the bounty of Fortune 500 companies that have gravitated here over the decades. And, you know, there’s NASA — and the aerospace industry that’s the gateway to extraterrestrial energy extraction in future decades. The sky, it seems, is literally the limit for the Bayou City.”

2018 Skytrax Rating

Houston is only the third city in the world and the only city in the U.S. that has TWO airports with a 4-star or better rating from industry experts Skytrax.

Interesting and Notable Facts about Houston

  • One of the wealthiest cities on the planet (Smithsonian)
  • Energy Capital of the World
  • 2nd highest number of U.S. publicly traded companies (New York City #1)
  • 2nd for number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the metro (New York City #1)
  • Home of the largest medical center in the world – The Texas Medical Center
  • Home of NASA Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center
    • The first words uttered from the moon: “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed” – Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969
  • Home of the Port of Houston – busiest port in the U.S. (foreign tonnage), second-busiest in the U.S. (overall tonnage)
  • 11th most congested city in the U.S., behind Dallas #7 (2017: INRIX)
  • The most popular running route in America: Houston’s Memorial Park Loop (2017, Mapmyrun app) – 1 .5 miles from Opinions Unlimited

Additional facts about Houston from Wikipedia: