Focus Suites

Clients often comment, “Opinions Unlimited is the image we want to project to OUR clients!” Our award-winning facilities are often described as 1st class, spacious, stimulating, unique, stylish and fun, functional, flexible, attention to the details…

As moderators, we not only understand the importance of function and flow necessary, but the emotions evoked by space.  Our reception stimulates respondents' curiosity (furniture as art), while the discussion room is designed to put them at ease and foster creativity (appropriate color selection).

The suite is only the prop. Quality recruiting is the key. We recruit for a variety of methodologies and are specialists in Texas’ markets – large and small, close and far.

Our spacious, creative suites are very adaptable. Modular furniture. Retail wall grids. Grocery-store style display shelving. Velcro and magnetized “creative” walls. Double-doors to accommodate large items.

Project management and recruiting